Saturday, July 15, 2017

Utah Arts Festival: 2017

Because of the timing of Alabama and our Skydiving excursion, the Utah Arts Festival was timed just right for us to be around for it and also have Duane and Shauna here for it.

Brandon and I carpooled to work so that when Duane and Shauna arrived they could pick Brandon up and then meet me at my work. We took a little tour when they arrived and then left our cars there and walked over to the Library. I frequently will pop over to the Library in my car over lunch (to save time), but it is really quite close to my work.

Once we'd bought tickets and wondered in, we immediately sat down (on concrete seating that had baked all day in the sun and despite now being in the shade, then proceed to bake our backsides) to watch and learn about breakdance. Brandon and I had caught the tail end of the breakdance battle the year before, but I think we all learned something this time. I also learned that when I am focused on watching something happen, I can not clap. Clapping is a distraction. This makes for poor audience participation, which is not a surprisingly quality in myself, but a little disappointing for the performers.

After we'd watched a fair amount of that we headed over to the food stalls and trucks and got some fresh fries and various other goodies before starting to wander the art stalls. Of the various art festivals that I've been to, this tends to have some of my favorite art. There are always things at any festival that I like, but I think the variety here is better. Brandon and I could have easily spent thousands of dollars on just a couple of items that we particularly liked, but we settled on two little steampunk owls from Adam Homan Metal Sculpture. Duane and Shauna decided on a giant colorful pear. We definitely drooled over a giant pig sculpture from Casey Hankin Ceramics. I swear the weirdest stuff catches our eyes.

The above two sculptures were our favorites, but not the ones we came home with.

We also came home with a jacket for me - an expensive clothing purchase that I wouldn't usually make in this way! However, as we'd walked by this particular clothing stall, Bella Sisters, I decided to try one on and then spent the next half hour trying on every one that might fit to find a favorite (which happened to be on of the very first ones). Most amusing, as I tried them on it was surprising how many people stopped and commented on them. Later, Brandon postulated that if the jackets hadn't been as expensive as they were, the artist would have sold a lot more jackets. It's a careful balance figuring out how much art is worth, but we decided it was worth it. So now I have a new jacket for when isn't hot and summary outside. We also got some fun t-shirts from IHSquared. They're a little more gothic than I'd usually go for, but cool.

Basically, we spent a bunch of money we hadn't planned on, but on some really cool things.

To end the evening out, Duane and Shauna took a bike cab back to my work while Brandon and I walked. It was a lovely evening and I'm glad we went.

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