Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Steamfunk and Soccer

Back in 2013 I went to my first Steamfest here in Salt Lake City. Following the event, I was invited to do some writing for a company called Steamfunk that had put on the interactive portion of the 2012 and 2013 Steamfests. From there on I had several years of writing and meetings on various nerdy topics.

This May we had a reunion of sorts for a Steamfunk photo shoot - something we did immediately following that first 2013 Steamfest. Savan, the company founder, is based on the East Coast and through lots of orchestration he came out and we all came together. I'd offered our home as a shoot location, knowing that the ceilings would be high enough and there would be room for everyone. And it pretty much went off perfectly!

I don't have very many excuses to dress up, but it was fun doing something a little different for a few hours.

I have also rarely been as exhausted as I was following the photo shoot. But, of course, we had plans that evening! We met up with Emily and Zach for dinner at Mexican restaurant in Sandy and then headed up the US vs. Venezuela soccer game at the Rio Tinto Stadium. While the games are quite long (45 minute halves), it was still really fun to watch the game - even when it ended in a draw. I rarely see international games like this, so it was fun to observe the large number of Venezuelans that either live in Utah or made their way up for the game!

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