Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Memorial Weekend Mountain

Just at the end of May we made plans to give Mount Olympus another go, this time in the company of Zach, Memorie, and Ross.

We met up in the morning around 7:45 AM and then headed to the trailhead! We were lucky to get there at just the right time to find a spot in the parking lot (instead of parking on the road). The first 100 meters of the hike is pretty much just steep stairs on the hill - setting the tone for the rest of the hike.

But it went fairly well. We made decent time hiking first to the craddle, and then to the peak after a break for lunch. Ross was having some pain in his back so he decided to opt out of the more hands on portion of the climb to the peak. But it was lovely and there was even a little bit of snow still on top.

On our way down we were passed by a man heading back up the mountain for the second time! Our guess is that he was just going back and forth to the craddle (rather than the peak), but even so! I was impressed, but the wheezing of his breath all three times that we saw him did not tempt me to try and do the same. I like pushing myself....but I like to enjoy what I'm doing as well.

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