Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Escape from Wonderland

A few weeks ago we got together with some friends on a Thursday evening to do another escape room. This time it was at the Salt Lake location of Mystery Escape Room (the same company we did the first one with down in St. George).

We arrived at the location (Brandon and myself, Amy and Justin, and Shayla and Jake), meeting up with the fourth couple who were celebrating their anniversary in Salt Lake but were actually from Oregon (Breanna and Allan). We waited a little bit until everyone had arrived and then went in! We started in a time travel room, transporting us to the room where we'd be solving puzzles. And over the course of the next hour, that's exactly what we did - making it out with plenty of time to spare. All of the puzzles were riddles and Alice in Wonder themed.

Following the escape room, we invited Breanna and Allan to join us for dinner and we all walked almost exactly a mile from the mall to Spitz. We got our food and headed to the Gallivan Center where we found some tables and ate dinner together. It was wondeful to catch up with good friends and make some new ones. And then a mile back to the Gateway, and off in our separate directions!

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