Saturday, May 13, 2017

Busy Summer Coming Up!

We don't usually like to fill up our weekends too much in advance, preferring to be able to fall back and recuperate on empty Saturdays if we want to. However...that will not be the case for the next few months. Things are looking quite busy! But at least they're mostly fun and exciting things.

Here's what we've got lined up for the next few months:

  • The Lantern Fest - this will be the Americanized version of the Yi Peng Lantern Festival that we took part in while in Thailand - but I think we'll actually get to light lanterns this time. We could have done that in Chiang Mai, but I don't remember ever seeing any places that were selling lanterns. 
  • An Alice in Wonderland themed Escape Room!
  • We're planning on climbing Mount Olympus again. It's a tough but fun mountain to summit!
  • My old Steampunk/Steamfunk group has plans for an updated photoshoot in costume - which we're actually planning on doing at our home since we have such high ceilings in the garage. 
  • We've got tickets to a US National soccer game - we'll see how this compares to the Real games we've been to.
  • Brandon's headed to Lake Powell with the young men in our ward. 
  • That same weekend, I'll be running the first of three half marathons I've signed up for this year. 
  • The Farmer's Market! 
  • We're headed to Alabama for a mini-family reunion. 
  • Utah Arts Festival!
  • Skydiving!
  • Work party at Top Golf!
  • Sun Valley!
  • iFly! Flowrider! iRock! 
  • My sister Carina will be visiting out in Utah!
  • And the second and third halfs (halves?) that I've signed up for!
  • And Comic Con! (I'm trying to persuade Brandon to do some awesome costumes with me...but we'll see...)
And that's just what we've got planned as of today. 

We don't have any large vacations this year (hopefully next year!), but we've definitely got lots of small things to look forward to. Things that don't require PTO, since I've got less than usual of that until 2018!

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