Friday, November 4, 2016

Thailand To Do

Thailand is just a few days away! I simultaneously feel like there are a million things left to do and that things are mostly ready to go. These are some of the items I've got constantly bouncing around my head at the moment. And if you don't feel like reading a microcosm of what is happening in my mind, don't read the following.

Things to do:

  • Buy Permethrin at REI.
  • Make final selection of clothing for Thailand. (I'm agonizing over this more than I feel comfortable admitting. Finding clothes that I like, that are conservative enough for most places in Thailand, that perform exceptionally well in hot humid weather, that are uber comfortable and easily washed/dried, and that do all of this at once - this has been very difficult for me.)
  • Wash final selection of clothing for Thailand.
  • Spray clothing for Thailand with Permethrin. (Needs some time to dry/set. Apparently it is very stinky until it dries and is then completely odorless.)
  • Withdraw a small amount of cash to take and exchange into baht in Thailand. (Plus a little set aside for the visa for Cambodia.)
  • Print out the most up to date flight itineraries. (Those flight times are always changing slightly!)
  • Check in for flights. (This is when things get really real.)
  • Check out the books I want from the library (ebooks - have to wait until the last minute on some of these so they last the whole trip - two weeks is not a long enough check out time when you want to do things in advance.)
  • Final clean of the apartment (it is nice to come home to a clean home).
  • Make sure there is enough cat food. (Maybe buy another bag just to set my mind at ease.)
  • Take out window air conditioning units. (I think it is finally consistently cold enough to do this.)
  • Buy travel snacks. (Food is important.)
  • Oh, and you know, actually pack. 
Things that are done:
  • All lodgings are booked.
  • All flights are booked.
  • Vaccinations are up to date.
  • General itinerary is set, with ideas for what to do in each city.
  • Many small purchases have been made for items that we didn't already have that we knew would be useful. 
  • I know a few language basics
    • Hello - Sawatdee
    • Yes - Chai
    • No - Mai
    • Thank you - Khop Khun
    • Female and Male phrase endings (Kha and Khap respectively)
  • I've done a fair amount of research on a wide variety of topics (prices of things, things to watch out for, polite behavior, things to do) (although it always feels there is  more I should know!).
  • Most things are printed out so we have a copy in hand while we travel (I think the maps will be the most useful).
  • We have a cat-sitter set up. Peaches will not be completely alone for two weeks (although she will be alone most of the time - which is very sad to think about). 
  • Rides are arranged to and from the airport. Thank you to those who are doing this for us! 
Things to remember:
  • When in doubt, don't take it. We can buy just about anything we might need there. 
  • Don't bring anything I would be heartbroken to lose.

I'm sure there are other things. Absolutely certain. But, those are the things near the surface! Sometimes I look at the "done" list and it looks...short. But then I remember that the two things at the top of that list were no joke. ;)

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