Sunday, September 4, 2016

Comic Con 2016!

Our friends Kirsten and Ryan let us know this past Thursday that they had an in on some free tickets to Salt Lake Comic Con! We were immediately interested in going with them, though we know we'd already scheduled enough other things that we'd only have a few hours to enjoy it Saturday morning/early afternoon. But we went and it was worth it!

There were more pictures taken by Brandon, but I've just got the couple that I took for now!

When we got there we spent a little over an hour just watching people walk by outside by the TARDIS. So many fun costumes!

Of course, as soon as we got inside and wandered for just a few minutes, we realized we were all hungry so we went back outside to the CupBop food truck that was hanging out across the street. Delicious! Back inside we spent most of our time just wandering amongst the venders - enjoying all the interesting things for sale and people watching at the same time. 

Generally at these type of conventions the artists frequently take pop icons of various types and stylize them in their form of art. A few of our favorite artists were Ukiyoe Heroes (traditional Japanese styled drawings), Chris Voeller (cleanly stylized cards), Cult Classic Posters (clean posters), Jenny Parks Illustration (cat themed), and Super Emo Friends (sad, but funny). We came home with three of the Super Emo Friends drawings framed (Link, 10th Doctor, and Flick from Christmas Story).

A few more fun encounters!

We headed out late afternoon to take a break for about an hour and then head south with Grant and Lauren to an evening at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. We sat on some blankets on the hill and just listened to all the wonderful stories told. Very fun - though it was a little chilly before the evening was over! 

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