Thursday, September 22, 2016

Adventure Cats!

We've reached the point in time where we can let Peaches outside fairly comfortably without a leash. She eagerly runs down the stairs and then waits at the garage door for me. Out the door she typically sniffs the fresh air happily and either proceeds to scope out the grass or simply sit and enjoy the outside atmosphere.

I follow a website called "Adventure Cats" - and somewhere in the back of my mind I want Peaches to be an Adventure Cat. But we've definitely got lots of road to travel before she can comfortably handle even a bit of what these cats do. For example, 

(Buck Canyon Kitty Adventure)

Amazing, right? Although the cats sleeping happily on the dash are the farthest from what Peaches does in the car (unhappily meows).

But, in another attempt to improve her mental and physical health, we've recently started experimenting with how she gets her food. We're still too lazy to do anything like timed/proportioned meals, but we've read that cats are happier when they have to work for their food. As in, puzzles to get food. There are thousands of food toys you can buy with this in mind, but a simple DIY method that we've been trying out is to simply place her food in a brown paper bag such that she has to reach in with her paw and pull it out to eat it. The initial idea was to also crinkle the neck of the bag to make it harder, but she had trouble with that - just pushing at the end of the bag with her nose where the food was. Minus the crinkled neck, it is working really well! Surprisingly well. And it is cute. She typically walks up to the bag, sticks her paw in, and pulls out a food morsel - and then repeats it. I don't know that she loves it, but she seems alright with it. Though she sometimes cheats!


  1. I can't decide if you guys are weird or awesome. I'll withhold my judgment until Peaches makes you famous on the internet. :) Give her a hug from us.