Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Little German Coincidence

So, a friend of a friend posted this video on Facebook the other day and there may have been some references to it being a little bit "Bollywood". It's not Bollywood - at all - jusst in case you were wondering. ;)

No, it's actually German reggae, or something closer to that. But what really caught my attention (besides the fun dance and costumes), was that I recognize the voice of the singer. It took me only a minute or two to verify that it was Peter Fox (I've mentioned his song Haus Am See here before).

Peter Fox must be really famous, even though I have limited exposure to him. That seems like the only explanation for him being the singer in the two recent songs that I've liked in German.

Here's the song on its own. The title means, "Shake Your Bacon". They lyrics may leave something to be desired, but the beat and tempo are pretty good. :)

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