Friday, August 19, 2016

Two Weddings - One Family

I seem to be so on and off again with photos - and I have very few to record my parents visits for two weddings within the span of a month from late May to mid June.

But they were pretty wonderful events regardless of whether their is pictorial evidence.

My Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Carl had not one but TWO children who got engaged and then chose wedding dates within less than a month of each other. Pretty crazy, right?! And busy for them!

The first was my lovely cousin Ashleigh and her now-husband Tanner. They got married on May 20th and my parents arrived on the evening of the 19th. The evening they arrived we packed full, going to dinner at a fantastic sushi place downtown - Takashi (we may have had to unnecessarily wait longer than we should have because the staff messed up when taking our name - but it was worth it), then heading to The Chocolate for dessert, and finally stopping by our home so they could meet Peaches before they headed back to their hotel.

Brandon and I headed to work like usual on Friday (the 20th) but my parents met me at my work near lunch time and I gave them a tour. They even bought a sculpture - a beautiful bust exhibited in the gallery opening. (Side note: It still remains to be seen as to whether they will ultimately keep the bust, as after taking forever to arrive it came with some damage to the base. It will come back and hopefully be fixed and sent back to their home, but we'll see.)

Early afternoon the four of us met up at their hotel and headed North for Logan where the ceremony and reception would be held. We stopped at the Aggie Creamery and got some delicious Aggie Blue Mint and wandered the town a bit before heading to the Riter Mansion where the wedding would be. Preparations were still underway but we had a great time chatting with everyone until the beginning of the wedding. The ceremony was held outside and it may have started to rain a little bit, but conveniently held off for the most part. The ceremony and reception were both lovely and we had a wonderful time.

Breakfast the next morning, a little shopping at Nordstrom, and my parents were headed home!

But only to return on June 16th for Eric and Hayley's wedding on the 17th! And this time with Morgan! I picked them up from the airport as soon as they arrived, quickly took them to their hotel to change, and then whisked them up to Millcreek Canyon where Brandon had already gotten a fire started at a little fire pit there. We had delicious sausages (though cooking them was a little tough - I do not recommend wooden fire roasting sticks as it is difficult to fully heat up the sausages without greatly risking burning the wood and losing the entire sausage - we had this happen at least twice), Nothing Bundt Cake, chips, fruits, and other yummy items. After a real piece of Utah outdoors, I went with them back to their hotel and stayed the night with them.

Early the next morning we were up and off to meet Thomas for breakfast. We'd initially planned on going to RYE, but when I plugged in the directions it said they wouldn't be open for another hour! Unbeknownst to us, that was incorrect information, but we headed to Oasis Cafe to be on the safe side. Which was just as well, as - after a nice long breakfast with Thomas - we spent another hour or so wondering the bookstore - The Golden Braid. They had a cushion for yoga that I was strongly considering - somehow way better than sitting on a pillow!

After exploring the bookstore we headed back to the hotel for another quick change and then to the Salt Lake Temple where Eric and Hayley were to be married. And were married! When we came out it was a warm and sunny day and we enjoyed standing/sitting in the shade as much as we could as we waited for Eric and Hayley to come out. And the waiting was actually a really interesting experience. I don't think I'd ever fully realized how many weddings happen there - particularly on a Friday or Saturday. We saw couple after couple after couple come out - a continuous flow. Which presents the perfect opportunity to critique the wedding clothes and colors - much like a bridal fashion show. An unanticipated added element of amusement (trying saying that ten times fast).

A few pictures later and we headed to the Lion House for the wedding luncheon. This was the formal event for the day and the food was good. It was fun to spend the time chatting with extending family - many of whom we see rarely.

Following the luncheon we had some time to kill so we headed back to our home so Morgan could meet Peaches and we could hang out for awhile. On our way home, just as we were a block or two from the freeway entrance, we stopped at a light to turn right just as our light turned red. As the perpendicular traffic began to enter the intersection, a car from our direction plowed right into the intersection and caused a three car accident. We called 9-1-1, explained the situation, but were relieved to watch and see everyone get out of all the cars. It was a more exciting moment than we'd have liked, but without any series injuries from what we saw.

After hanging out at home for awhile, we headed to Wheeler Farm where Eric and Hayley had a very nice and casual reception at a pavilion there. We got to wander around Wheeler Farm for a bit and it was quite nice! It is a large plot of land.

Needing a little bit more food afterward we headed to Settebello for some dinner and they dropped my parents and Morgan back off at their airport so they could catch a flight early the next morning to Florida!

Both of their visits were whirlwinds, but we're so glad they were able to come!

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