Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Utah Arts Festival 2016

We visited the Utah Arts Festival this past Friday. I'm not sure how I'd never been before.

We got there around 6:30 - Brandon met me at my work and one of my coworkers (Adrienne!) dropped us off at the Library complex where the festival was happening. After paying and entering, we were immediately snagged by a break dance competition that was happening in a shallow half bowl ampitheater near the library entrance. We stayed there for about half an hour. Break dance is cool. :)

We then wandered around for a bit - there was so much to see! Of course, food came first. As we were looking at all the food options, we saw the Sugarhouse Donut Company. It immediately reminded us of Bigfoot's Little Donuts so we went up to get a sample. And who should be handing us a sample but David - one of my fellow folk dancers from SPAC! It was quite a surprise to see him there. We wandered around the food section for a bit longer before deciding on a pulled pork sandwich of sorts from Lucky 13. It was ok - not as good as some of the other food I've had from them.

Wandering through the art stands we saw so much art that we liked. Beautiful wood items from Bengston Woodworks, incredible garden sculptures by StudioBridges, weird 2D art by Juli Adams and the Mad Tatters, weird 3D art by Mister Pauper (seriously - weird by awesome), beautiful stone tables by Surrounding Elements, and fascinating belt buckles by Obscure Belts. That at least gives you a sample of some of the beautiful things we saw. :)

We headed back for the aforementioned donuts  (David upgraded us for free on a serving size of one of the types we got - we probably didn't need the extra donuts!) and then headed into the library to spend an hour watching some independent short films. They were all interesting, though I can't say I liked them all.

Around 9:00 PM we came out and heard beautiful music coming from the larger theater area above where we were. Turns out that it was the musician we'd though was a magician called Slow Magic (because that is a confusing name with no context). They were the opening show for Beats Antique (the reason we'd stayed as late as we had). But we were thrilled that they performed, as I'd never heard them or of them. A sample of their music and performance style:

(Slow Magic - Corvette Cassette)

As Slow Magic performed we sat on the grass and listened. The atmosphere had the definite feeling of a festival. Lots of people chilling. Definitely a few smoking weed. Several couples practicing their acroyoga (they were really good - it was really fun to watch). Very chill - particularly with the music.

And then Beats Antique came on! And then, as good as they were, we listened for three or four songs and decided we were done. We walked the four blocks back to our cars in the evening light and headed for home (and a very happy-to-see-us cat)!

And a few Beats Antique songs for good measure. They do some amazing things with brass instruments are are SO fun to blues dance to.

(Beats Antique - Oriental Uno)

(Dope Crunk by Beats Antique)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cat Grass

On a morning in the recent past, Brandon came up to me in the bathroom after waking up and queried, "Did you ask me - while I was sleeping this morning - if I wanted to feed Peaches?"

"Yes. Yes, I did."

"Ok. I just had to ask - because I remembered after I woke up that something like that had happened, but I couldn't make sense of it...."


We recently started all our potted and garden plants! Among these, we planted some cat grass. Until two weeks ago when I was at the grocery store looking at seed packets, I didn't even know cat grass was a thing. Catnip, yes, but cat grass?

So, I  bought some and planted it in a little pot near our door. Hands down it has been the fastest growing thing that we've planted. This fact led to the conversation mentioned above. You see, on a Saturday morning when I'd noticed that the grass was already five to six inches tall, I decided it would be fun to see if Peaches would like some. Oh, my goodness - did she! I've never seen a cat inhale a non-meat so quickly. I proceeded to feed her a few more and was anxiously excited for Brandon to wake up in the near future so I could show him this fun new quirky trait of our little cat!

An hour or so passes (it's now 9:00 AM or so), and I bring Peaches upstairs from the garage with a handful of cat grass. She meows very demandingly the entire way up. Perhaps as a result of her vigorous meowing, Brandon stirs and looks up when we open the door. At which point, I ask if he wants to feed Peaches. He declines, citing his sleeping state.

And there you have it. One of many curious conversations at our home. :)