Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

About a week or two back we - on a whim - decided to go down and maybe take a look at the Tulip Festival. However, when we got there we discovered that it was $20 a person and it looked to rain that afternoon so we went and ran some other errands instead.

Yesterday we went down again, this time meeting Zach and Emily (and their children) there. It was a bad driving day and there were two bad accidents that made getting there (even though it isn't far from us) more difficult. But we made it! And they made it! And we met up inside near the food trucks where we (Brandon and me) were having a late afternoon meal (Cupbop!). 

As we had initially hurried down from the lodge, we'd passed over a large waterfall (seriously - very long fall) and an owl nest (three little owls and a very harassed looking mama owl) - totally surprises to us. I don't think we'd really known what to expect inside the gardens - other than the obvious tulips. The rest of the garden was more garden like - plenty of flowers, secret nooks, gazebos and the like. A fish pond full of large hungry koi. Activities for kids. Those kinds of things. 

We had a great time. 

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