Monday, April 18, 2016

Red Mountain

Red Mountain! Back on February 27th Brandon, Duane, Zach, Vell, and I finally went up Red Mountain. We went up at a pretty slow pace and the path was pretty hard to identify, but there were enough variations in route that we were never very worried. We got to the top with a beautiful view of the valley and could see Duane and Shauna's house below. 

After enjoying the view for awhile, we set off across the top of the mountain/plateau to try and find Gunsight Pass (where we wanted to go down). Duane and I scouted ahead and finally found the (very poorly marked!) pass. It was around this time that Vell took a little fall coming across the Plateau and scrapped/bruised his hands. Brandon and Zach were with him, but they were both a little worried about the further part of the hike/climb down. 

The path going down was barely barely a path - more just a scramble down the mountain.  We proceeded very slowly, particularly as the footing was precarious and Vell was having a bit of trouble keeping on his feet. However, even so, he was in the most positive and optimistic of moods - cracking jokes constantly. :) We came down slowly, but generally safely with only a few minor scares along the way. 

Once down Duane and I walked quickly down the trail back to where we'd parked the car (so far away - seriously!), and found a spot slightly farther down the trail where we could move the car to. I ran and got the car, called Shauna to ask if I could swing by to pick up some waters - did that - and then parked the car where we'd agreed and brought the waters up. Vell, Brandon, and Zach were slowly making their way down the remainder of the path. But they made it!

I'm pretty sure Vell had trouble moving the rest of that evening (and probably won't try that trail again!), but we had a good time and were glad that we all made it up and back safely. And best of all, now Duane can look up at Gunsight Pass from their living room and know that he's been there! We'll probably try the trail again another time in the near future. See if we can do it a little faster!

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