Friday, April 22, 2016

In Which Peaches The Cat Goes For A Walk

So, we bought a little Puppia harness a little less than two weeks ago and it seemed to take for-ev-er to arrive (it only took a week - I'm just impatient and used to Amazon Prime). When it finally did arrive I tried the harness on Peaches and she didn't love it, but put up with it. She took little mincing steps (like she was walking on her tip toes) and was a little more of a lump than usual (mostly laid down and was less talkative). We had her stay in the harness for only about an hour a day and left it lying around so she'd get used to seeing and smelling it.

Yesterday evening, after a very lazy week (at least for me), we decided we wanted to walk over to the little park that is by our house (really really close) and either hit some golf balls around or throw a frisbee. However, at the last second we decided to take Peaches with us and the would-be exercise plan turned into a walk for Peaches.

She got her harness on and we attached the leash and carried her downstairs and out the door. After setting her down she wandered a little, but seemed intent upon going back into the garage. But she'd barely been outside and barely seen anything, so we weren't ready to give up. We carried her over to the middle of the lawn in the park and set her down. From there she belly-crawled around the grass for a bit but started to relax and get more comfortable with everything. We hung out there for about half an hour, chatting with some neighbors who came out to see Peaches (Fey and K Brady - his full first name really is the letter K), and watching some small dogs pass by. She mostly wandered up and down the sidewalk by the park, but it was definitely good progress.

We walked back to our house, chatting with our neighbors (Dean and Cindy) as we went (Cindy had never met Peaches) and Peaches headed straight for the garage door. She seemed very happy to be let off the leash and just wander the garage until we came back in from chatting. And when we did come in, we headed up the stairs and called her name (with a little bag of treats), and she came right up!

So, in all respects I'd label the outing a success! And of course, she decided to cutely lay on her back after we'd taken the harness off. It was both odd and adorable.

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