Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Time for More Books

About half way into January I finally started reading new books. I'd had a few sitting around waiting to be read, but had filled my time in other ways. Today, near the end of the month, I decided that my modest goal of twenty (new) books for the year was absurdly low. This realization came about from actively trying to read books and finishing seven regular length books and seven novellas as of today. Clearly, I can read more than twenty books in a twelve month period of time.

So, my new adjusted reading goal for the year is to read 120 books (approximately ten books a month). I haven't determined how to count the novellas in the total, so for now they'll be included in the total, but I'll be trying for ten non-novella books each month. I'm thinking that perhaps I'll lump the novellas into the whole books that they're sometimes published in. We'll see. :)

One of the most beneficial realizations as far as reading is concerned, is that my drives to and from work are SO much better if I am listening to a book. Even though I enjoy the radio station that I used to listen to (Radio from Hell in the morning and music in the evening), I feel so much calmer and patient when I'm listening to a book. There's less of a rush to get to work and to get home, as extra minutes in the car just mean I'll be farther along in the story of the book that I'm listening to.

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