Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another publication!

Our photographer from our Alabama celebration (Abraham Rowe Photography) put me in contact a few months ago with someone from a local magazine he wanted to get our wedding published in. I answered their questions and didn't think much of it until this week.

On Monday, our wedding coordinator (Kathleen Bernal) tagged us in some cover images for the upcoming January publication of this magazine - and I was on the front cover! Crazy!

So, if you're interested in looking at/reading it, you should be able to find it here some time in the near future. The magazine is called No'Ala Huntsville (and in case it isn't obvious, No'Ala stands for North Alabama).

It's a little weird to have something like our little celebration made public - even simply in a local magazine. But it's also kind of cool. We had so many fantastic people helping to make that day beautiful - and it's nice to see their hard work appreciated!

In unrelated news, I somehow managed to sprain my jaw in the past month. I'd felt my left jaw joint popping for a little while, but it wasn't until about New Years Day that it really started to hurt badly. I went to the dentist on Monday (to make sure that it wasn't something related to my teeth) and he said that the problem was just that the muscles around my left jaw joint had just tightened to the point where I could barely move them - essentially a sprain.

So, I've been eating mostly liquids (smoothies, soups), and taking a muscle relaxer at night (makes you drowsy), and it already feels much better (no longer hurts to swallow). Solid food will have to wait a few more days, but there's definitely been progress.

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