Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's official! Utah!

It's official! As of this past Monday, I am not only licensed in Utah, but my car is as well. I feel like a real Utah resident now (three years later). And I had my shortest visit to the DMV ever on Monday when I went back for my plates. They pretty much took care of everything the time before when I went in to get a temporary plate. This time, I walked in, was handed a number, and my number was immediately called. I went to my desk and the lady took my certifications, typed in a few things, and handed me my new plates and stack of papers. And I was done! Five minutes from the time I walked into the building to the time I walked out - tops. Pretty amazing.

We've had one or two dustings of snow (winter is coming!), but nothing series in the main part of the valley yet. I simultaneously hope it waits as long as possible to come, but hope that it does come, unlike last year's non-existent winter. We need water here in  Utah. Although, in the back of my mind I do have to admit that I loved having little to no inversion last winter. So, you win some, you lose some.

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