Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bonfire Night Update

Happy Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night! It is one of my favorite holidays even though its history has little to nothing to do with the United States. My initial introduction to the holiday began when I read Witch Week from the Chronicles of Chrestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones (in which the history of Guy Fawkes plays a role) back in elementary or middle school. Subsequent reprisals of his person and story such as V for Vendetta only strengthened my enjoyment of the holiday. But no bonfires are planned for tonight (at least not at the moment).

Things are going great in our little corner of the world. I'm contemplating creating a new blog on WordPress (transferring this blog to there). I played around with this awhile ago, but didn't know enough about what I was doing to do very much with the system. I'm generally not overly excited with the Blogger layouts and don't know enough about coding to do much with that either. However, I DO know much more about WordPress now. So, that's a possibility. If I do that, I think I'd probably launch it at the beginning of the new year. We'll see.

We had our first snow in Utah this morning. A little on the rooftops, more on the mountains, and a few flurries that didn't stick a little while ago (though it looked like it was coming down!). Between the general setting of the thermostat (so much more accessible to me here at the gallery than at my previous office), the space heater beneath my desk, my cornbag, and the general selection of cardigans, hoodies, and coats that I wear, I think I'll stay nicely warm this winter! But (to the sound of the birds chirping outside), I expect we'll have some warm days yet before the snow sets in.

We're headed down to Saint George tomorrow for the Snow Canyon Half Marathon on Saturday! I have completely shirked my running the last ten days. Zero motivation. But, given the copious training in the last sixteen weeks, I'm not concerned. In fact, I'm very excited about this half, though I'm not sure exactly why. Barring any injuries, it will likely be a personal best/record for me. Cool!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner and we have plans to go down to Saint George for Thanksgiving and then off to Huntsville for Christmas. I'm looking forward to both very much and am knee deep in Christmas gifts so that I can distribute some of them during Thanksgiving. I don't mind receiving gifts, but I infinitally prefer giving them. I enjoy the process of deciding what to make or get each person or family on my list (although I prefer starting form lists for my loved ones of possible ideas!).

We've sort of adopted the little cat that was hanging out around our home. We've yet to give him a name, as we suspected that he probably had another home, but as he spends more and more time with us, we may eventually choose a name. Our routine is to let him in when we get home from work, keep him upstairs with us through the evening, and then let him out in the morning when we leave, leaving one of the garage doors slightly open so he can sneak in and out if he wants to sit on the couch downstairs during the day but be able to go outside to go to the bathroom, etc. As it has grown chillier, he is often to be found sitting on the couch when we get home, eager to run up the stairs with us and pester us for cuddles. He likes to be near us (when our hands are free). When we're at the computer I often have him on my lap or he sits on a blanket that is on the desk portion that separates Brandon and I. And if not there, on either one of the couches or the air mattress, curled up looking adorable. At present, we enjoy all of the wonderful parts of having a cat with very few of the negative. He goes outside to use the bathroom, doesn't claw any of the furniture, and doesn't have a rogue mean streak (the only time his claws come out are when he is kneading us). His one bad quality: he sheds slightly. Otherwise he is well behaved, cuddly, attentive, and low maintenance. We love him.

We've been (finally) attacking the hurdle of getting my car registered here in Utah. I've lived here for far too long (almost three years) without going through the process, but here we are. My registration expired at the end of October and I managed to procrastinate the process until the last week of October. But, when we took my car in to do the safety and emissions tests, it failed both. Loose muffler for the safety test and a shaky engine sensor for the emissions test. Both can be fixed, but the parts weren't in by the end of October so it is still waiting to be fixed. As such, in order to keep driving it around until it is fixed, we went in and got a temporary permit. So we're close! Long overdue, but almost there.

Off the top of my head, that covers most of the recent excitements we've had. As I said before, we're doing great!

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