Monday, September 21, 2015

Timpanogos Cave Tour (and more!)

On the Saturday before Labor Day, Brandon and I visited Timpanogos Cave. We'd signed up (about a month before - there are only five spots a day and they go so quickly!) for their "Intro to Caving" tour.

It was a bit of a steep hike leading up to the cave entrance but we still got there about forty five minutes early (they give you ninety minutes to make the hike - it doesn't take that long). The five of us on the tour (six with our guide Montana) finally donned our gloves, knee pads, and helmets and were ready to go in. It was a fun tour into a part of the cave system that the normal group doesn't go. We hiked/crawled around and talked a lot about the cave, history, and geology. It was just a little more hands on than the normal tour would have been.

Our furry little friend who came half way
up the mountain with us.

"Two by two - hands of blue!"

Decked out.

Brandon caving!

It was so hard! (not really)

Free from the cave!

We might have gotten a little dirty...

After the hike we went down to Provo to visit the Beehive Bazaar (a little market at The Startup Building in Provo with cool (mostly) homemade stuff. 

Delicious macarons!

After the Bazaar we'd made plans to get together with some friends to go climbing in Lehi. They weren't able to make it, but we bouldered a bit before deciding we were completely wiped and ready to go home.

All in all, a fun day! 

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