Monday, September 21, 2015

September 12th: Farmers Market and State Fair

The weekend after Labor Day we decided we wanted to do both the Farmers Market and the State Fair. The Farmers Market is sort of a staple for us, as we like buying produce there. We went and bought crenshaw, home made tortillas, corn, sweet meats, macarons, and a few other lunch items.

We then headed over to the State Fair and wondered around there for awhile. We mostly spent our time looking at (and visiting with) the fair animals. These incredible creatures are where we get most of our meat from - easy to forget when we just go to the grocery store and pick up nicely packaged food! 

As we were leaving the Fair, we stopped at the little Marine booth where they had a pull up bar and a little competition board. If you did so many pull ups or so long of a flexed arm hang, there were various prizes you could win. After watching a few others try, Brandon decided to go for it. He needed fourteen pull ups to get a water bottle - and he made it all the way to twelve! I then tried the flexed arm hang (as I know I can't do fourteen pull ups). I was able to keep myself up there for about 75 seconds which won me a t-shirt. Woo! ;) Which, as it was much too large, I immediately gifted to Brandon. It was a fun little challenge though.

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