Monday, September 21, 2015

Labor Day - Mesa Verde

We wanted to do a small trip before the end of the summer, so Brandon and I decided to make a quick trip down to Mesa Verde - complete with a little camping!

We drove down on the Sunday before Labor Day, set up camp, and then did two tours (Balcony House, Cliff Palace) before deciding to head on home and enjoy that Tuesday off at home. We're suckers for time off at home. Quick, but fun.

Camping out of our car is SO much easier than hiking equipment in. Still, there were a few things we wished we had:

-a lantern (we had head lamps, but a standup lantern would have been nice)
-a water jug (so much easier to take water out of than our water packs)
-a small broom/dust pan (to clean out the tent)
-a measuring cup (so we could measure out more specific amounts for our meals)
-firewood (so we could make a fire!)

Going up the first ladder at the Balcony House.

First view of the Cliff Palace!

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. We had a good time!

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