Friday, August 7, 2015

Life Lately (We're already a week into August!)

Let's see. In the past few weeks we've had a few points of excitement.

-I've officially been on the job hunt a month.
-I've had several interview (both over the phone and in person) with some good leads still in the works. It's amazing how different the interviews for positions that are up to my skill level actually are. They tend to be challenging, interesting, and enjoyable! Who knew interviews could be like that!
-I've had a flat tire (Hit a piece of metal on the freeway on the way home from one of the aforementioned interviews and it cut the tire up, immediately requiring the purchase of another - never an ideal thing, but particularly not when the now-dead tire was still fairly new).
-I've had my harness and belay device/combo disappear - likely stolen again from Brandon's car in the Momentum parking lot, though we honestly don't know.
-I've purchased a new harness and belay device/combo. Can't go long without either of those things in the climbing world. I've discovered that it would be smart for me to keep a better record of exactly what equipment I have, as trying to call the climbing gym and describe what I'm missing is quite difficult when I don't even know the brand!
-My little sister graduated from BCT and is officially a cadet! (Proud older sister here!) I can now send packages and send and receive email and emails from her, though snail mail is still one of my favorite things.
-We climbed Mount Olympus (more to come on that shortly).
-Lots of family prints made (and frames ordered!). I've tried to go the inexpensive route on these items for the moment. Frames are expensive!

Good things that are coming up:

-Camping at (or at least a visit to) Bear Lake
-Tour of Timpanogos Cave
-Frames will arrive (along with a large canvas) so that I can make the walls look less absurd with the current picture and sticky-tac combo!

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