Monday, August 24, 2015

August 2015

One week left in August - this month has flown by!

A few updates (in no particular order):

-All my hard work job hunting finally paid off and I've got a new job with a non-profit in Salt Lake City! Pretty exciting! I look forward to being challenged and learning lots of new things there.
-I was rear-ended on the way to the aforementioned job on Friday. Fortunately, the only casualty was the other lady's front license plate. I guess her old car had auto brake locks and this one didn't, so she wasn't going fast enough to do much damage (just the poor license plate), but it definitely scared both of us quite a bit!
-Half marathon training is coming along very nicely! Today was the first run of week six and I've yet to miss any of my runs. Let's see if I can keep that up for ten more weeks!
-We got some new glasses! They're quite stylish - Brandon's even more than mine! Pictures may show up....eventually.
-We went to Brandon's Cousins reunion. Brandon is the youngest grandchild on both sides of his family. This reunion was just for his dad's side, but it's a very different arrangement as far as age than my side! Quite fun. We hung out and caught up, played horseshoes, Blokus, and volleyball, messed around on the monkey bars up there, and hiked/bush-wacked our way up to some rock lookouts.
-Duane and Shauna came up for a funeral and we got to spend some time with them. :)
-We went to dinner with Zack and Emily and then rock climbing and dessert afterward. Emily's first experience rock climbing! Brandon and I knew to take our rings off before going climbing, but Emily and I took turns wearing her ring when she was climbing so it wouldn't get in the way. Kind of amusing for us. We've done lots of rock climbing since we've both been on the gym membership. More progress for both of us! And we've switched things up a bit more and added more top roping to our routine.
-We went and saw "The Look of Silence" (the sequel to "The Act of Killing") with Amy and Justin. Both fantastic but disturbing documentaries. It's so easy to forget some of the terrible things that we humans have done to others, with little to no recourse for those who have been the victims of the brutality.

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