Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Week Ago

A week ago I'd reached a consistent streak of 120 of practicing Portuguese every single day. I'd kept up with MyFitnessPal for more than a month every day. Groceries got put away.

And then I started my new job.

And suddenly my 120 streak with Duolingo is ended! I missed two non-consecutive days this week. Somewhere in the week I missed getting on MyFitnessPal to make updates. There have been (and still are) groceries on the table for at least a week...and I don't think I've cooked a meal once. Smoothies every day, but no dinners. Kind of sad.

But on the other hand, not all things have been thrown into chaos with the onset of my new job. Tomorrow ends the sixth week of Half-Marathon training for the upcoming Snow Canyon Half, and as of today I have not missed a single training run. And that's something. I dragged myself out of bed on this Saturday morning to go running at 6:10. I really didn't want to go, but I knew I needed to! And at about 7:40 when I arrived back at the house and watered the plants, Brandon came down to meet me with a cold water bottle. It was very sweet. :)

In other news:
-The rolls we bought from Costco on Monday or Tuesday are ALREADY moldy. Thus, the new method will be to immediately put them in the freezer upon arriving at home from the store.
-We're planning on going to the Renaissance Festival today.
-Maybe climbing as well (perhaps the Lehi bouldering gym?).
-Our longer (about ten minute) wedding video is very close to being done. We've seen the almost-finished version already. It does a quick summary of the whole day, shows the clips from the teaser, and then spends more time with the vows and other pieces of the reception. At some point after it is finished, Seth will send the videos plus most of the general footage and we'll get to watch whatever we want! I admit to being especially excited for this because, as beautiful as the footage is, I love seeing entire segments not strung together in snippets. Such as our first dance which, for me, was one of the most memorable moments of the day.
-Costco again today! Chia seed, rolls, and a box of vanilla almond milk.
-I have plans to dry apples and freeze grapes, as well as clean out the fridge. This will ALL happen today, tomorrow, or on Monday. I'm determined.

A there you have it. A snap shot of some of the things we're up to. :) Life is great. We're often tired, but happy.

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 2015

One week left in August - this month has flown by!

A few updates (in no particular order):

-All my hard work job hunting finally paid off and I've got a new job with a non-profit in Salt Lake City! Pretty exciting! I look forward to being challenged and learning lots of new things there.
-I was rear-ended on the way to the aforementioned job on Friday. Fortunately, the only casualty was the other lady's front license plate. I guess her old car had auto brake locks and this one didn't, so she wasn't going fast enough to do much damage (just the poor license plate), but it definitely scared both of us quite a bit!
-Half marathon training is coming along very nicely! Today was the first run of week six and I've yet to miss any of my runs. Let's see if I can keep that up for ten more weeks!
-We got some new glasses! They're quite stylish - Brandon's even more than mine! Pictures may show up....eventually.
-We went to Brandon's Cousins reunion. Brandon is the youngest grandchild on both sides of his family. This reunion was just for his dad's side, but it's a very different arrangement as far as age than my side! Quite fun. We hung out and caught up, played horseshoes, Blokus, and volleyball, messed around on the monkey bars up there, and hiked/bush-wacked our way up to some rock lookouts.
-Duane and Shauna came up for a funeral and we got to spend some time with them. :)
-We went to dinner with Zack and Emily and then rock climbing and dessert afterward. Emily's first experience rock climbing! Brandon and I knew to take our rings off before going climbing, but Emily and I took turns wearing her ring when she was climbing so it wouldn't get in the way. Kind of amusing for us. We've done lots of rock climbing since we've both been on the gym membership. More progress for both of us! And we've switched things up a bit more and added more top roping to our routine.
-We went and saw "The Look of Silence" (the sequel to "The Act of Killing") with Amy and Justin. Both fantastic but disturbing documentaries. It's so easy to forget some of the terrible things that we humans have done to others, with little to no recourse for those who have been the victims of the brutality.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Mount Olympus

The first of August Brandon and I decided to tackle Mount Olympus here in Utah.

We prepped ourselves with cold water and snacks. We woke up at 6:30 (on a Saturday!) and got ready and headed to the trailhead. I'd looked up the trailhead location a few days before and knew generally where it was, but we chose to follow Google Map on Brandon's phone that morning and it took us on a ten minute detour down someone's driveway.

Finally at the trailhead, we grabbed our packs and hit the trail. That initial portion of the trail is extremely steep and gave a fair amount of respect for what the rest of the trail might be like. However, very quickly we were traversing along the side of the mountain headed North. We followed two guys for a bit, and then they drew on ahead of us. As we reached a fork in the trail, Brandon checked the trail path on his phone and discovered that we were not on the trail up Olympus. Right on time, the two guys who we'd been following turned around and asked us if we knew where the trail was. We didn't really, as this was our first time, but we all headed in the general direction of the correct trail, traversing Southeast up the mountain. The initial traverse was pretty easy, but when we were finally close to the proper trail, there was a thicket of scratchy bushes between us and the supposed trail. Brandon and I opted to bushwhack our way up (not the most environmentally friendly choice, though we were careful to try and stay on the rocks), and after a few less than enjoyable minutes (I fell once and scrapped my forearm), we were finally on the trail, half a mile and twenty minutes later.

Surprisingly, we found that portion of the real trail fairly easy compared to what we'd been doing (bushwhacking), and we moved quickly for the first mile or so of that proper trail. However, after the first mile, the incline increased quite a bit and we were forced to slow down and proceed more slowly. That incline remained through most of the rest of the way up, though fortunately, much of it was in a beautiful wooded area that kept the sun off our faces and the temperature down.

Out of the woods we had but one section left - a much stepper space that involved more bouldering (climbing with your hands and feet but still on a fairly good incline (not falling off)). And unsurprisingly, that was my favorite part! I unintentionally kicked up the pace again and scrambled my way up. Bouldering is such fun! It still struck us as odd that the top of the mountain was essentially a large pile of giant rocks.

We arrived just in time to witness a marriage proposal from two fellow hikers, and then enjoyed a small lunch (lunchables!). We took some pictures, enjoyed the view, and then headed back down. Just as we were readying ourselves to head down, I slipped and hit right hand on a pointy rock, ripping a little chunk of skin out. It looked worse than it was, but it definitely made climbing down that initial decent a little more challenging. But we did it without any problems!

The rest of the hike down was much more pleasant than the hike up. Once we got past the steeper portion of the climb, we were able to jog down for about a mile. It was interesting, as usually jogging/running drains you cardiovascularly. However, as gravity was chiefly on our side, aiding us in our decent, neither of us were winded, but we were rather feeling the running in our legs. Brandon's shoes were not supportive enough to run in, so we stopped after that mile so his arches could recover.

And before we knew it, we were done!

For future reference, it is a hard trail. If you approach it as a newbie, either talk to someone about the trail, take a GPS map, or go with someone who has done it, as the first real turn off up the trail is very poorly marked.

Life Lately (We're already a week into August!)

Let's see. In the past few weeks we've had a few points of excitement.

-I've officially been on the job hunt a month.
-I've had several interview (both over the phone and in person) with some good leads still in the works. It's amazing how different the interviews for positions that are up to my skill level actually are. They tend to be challenging, interesting, and enjoyable! Who knew interviews could be like that!
-I've had a flat tire (Hit a piece of metal on the freeway on the way home from one of the aforementioned interviews and it cut the tire up, immediately requiring the purchase of another - never an ideal thing, but particularly not when the now-dead tire was still fairly new).
-I've had my harness and belay device/combo disappear - likely stolen again from Brandon's car in the Momentum parking lot, though we honestly don't know.
-I've purchased a new harness and belay device/combo. Can't go long without either of those things in the climbing world. I've discovered that it would be smart for me to keep a better record of exactly what equipment I have, as trying to call the climbing gym and describe what I'm missing is quite difficult when I don't even know the brand!
-My little sister graduated from BCT and is officially a cadet! (Proud older sister here!) I can now send packages and send and receive email and emails from her, though snail mail is still one of my favorite things.
-We climbed Mount Olympus (more to come on that shortly).
-Lots of family prints made (and frames ordered!). I've tried to go the inexpensive route on these items for the moment. Frames are expensive!

Good things that are coming up:

-Camping at (or at least a visit to) Bear Lake
-Tour of Timpanogos Cave
-Frames will arrive (along with a large canvas) so that I can make the walls look less absurd with the current picture and sticky-tac combo!