Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bell Canyon Falls

A few weeks ago - almost a month ago (June 24th), I hiked Bell Canyon with a friend (Becca!). It was a new hike for me and surprisingly steep, but a good intro to hiking for the summer. 

Near the beginning of the hike.

There were so many beautiful flowers! I
limited my inclusion here to this one, as
flowers are not particularly interesting to look
at, and cell phone cameras have trouble with
macro photos. 

The trees and light were beautiful!

Fun waterfall!

Beautiful view of the valley from the canyon.

We made it to the main part of the waterfall!

Shadow selfie.

Bell Canyon Falls!

On the way back, we came across a deer on the
trail. It pretty much paid us no attention, even
not moving from the trail until we were about
ten feet away from it - which I think was still
probably more intimidating for us then it. You
expect deer to run away, not be indifferent.

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