Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Three Weeks In!

Can you believe Brandon and I are already three weeks in to being married? That amount of time seems both very short and very long simultaneously.

I've got at least half a dozen blog posts written (covering both wedding days and the honeymoon) and ready to be posted as soon as I get some more pictures! So, keep your eye out for them.

My Spartan training has been coming along...slowly. Burpees have been the most successful thing, though I really didn't start on them until Monday. I did lots of unintentional weight lifting yesterday, as I have taken it upon myself to reorganize the garage. There's so much wasted space and I'd love to have easy access to our own storage space, which means we need to make some room on the shelves! Yesterday included moving at least twelve 30 to 50 pound food storage buckets. Sliding them on the floor isn't a big deal, but lifting them over my head to stack them higher? Not so awesome. Clearly I need to increase my bar weight at the gym. ;)

One of our most exciting purchases happened yesterday! Brandon asked me earlier in the day, "Would you rather get a new TV (we already have a smaller one) or a blender (we already have a normal blender)?" "Blender!" So off we popped to Costco and picked up our own Blendtec. And immediately made a smoothie upon returning home. Which I of course added too much spinach to. We'll figure it out.

So I have a perfectly good normal blender if anyone needs one. ;) It just doesn't compare to the Blendtec.

Speaking of which, I'm hungry! I should go home and make a smoothie!

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