Monday, June 8, 2015

The Wedding Day: Logan

It's always a little tricky to give the details of such a big day when there are so many different perspectives and I can only offer one! But I'll share what I can. :) Warning: There are about to be a LOT of photos posted in this and the next several posts. I can't post them all (there are simply too many), so if there's something you want to see that you don't, comment and let me know! (Also, if you want access to the gallery, let me know and I'll send you the link to all the photos from Logan! It will only be up for a few months, so let me know sooner rather than later!)

I drove up with my parents (who had just arrived from Alabama) to Logan late on the night of May 12th (we stopped for a quick bite to eat at Kneaders and waited far too long in the drive through line - should have just gone in from the start but we weren't sure if their interior was open or not!). We stayed at a Best Western Plus insanely close to both the temple and Le Nonne (a five minute walk tops to either). We'd planned on my brother Kyle and his girlfriend Memorie staying with us, so our hotel room had two rooms and three beds, room for at least six. As it was just the three of us, my parents were in one room and I was in the other with two beds. Lots of space and privacy. I got everything organized for the next day and went to bed!

I'd set my alarm for some reasonable time of the morning to wake up, but of course my natural alarm went off around 6:00/6:30AM. I laid around for a bit and then decided to just get up and take a shower. One of the things that most frequently gets me out of bed is hunger - and this morning was no exception! Getting ready was a means to an end of going to get breakfast. I'd thought we'd just go and grab the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, but once my parents were up we decided to go to Herm's Inn instead - definitely more fun and interesting.

We got back just in time to wrap up a few last details (picking out a belt for the dress, ironing the veil, etc.) before our hair/makeup artist arrived. I can't say enough good things about Carrie! She was extremely good at her art and I loved what she did with my hair and makeup. She got started around 10:00 and finished around 12:30. And then we rushed about getting things packed back up, had a quick bite from Noodles and Company that my dad had picked up, and were out the door by 1:00 (our check out time) to head to the temple. I wore a blue dress to the temple that I'd just made over the weekend (bought the cloth on Thursday, made the dress on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). We arrived at the same moment as Brandon, Duane, and Dick and I'm pretty sure Brandon did a double take as I was slightly less recognizable with my hair done up as it was (and the makeup too). Quick hugs and a few pictures and we were in the door.

Hair and makeup by the talented Carrie Purser!

I love these two!
Our time in the temple was quick. My overall feeling for the day was of excitement, but also cool reserve - thus the whole day passed in something of an out of body experience. I was present for everything, but it was a little hard to believe that it was happening! All of the people helping us in the temple were incredible kind and got us everywhere we needed to be. The ceremony inside was very nice and it was wonderful to have so many of our friends and family there with us. But it was over quickly and we were back down in the beautiful changing room and Shauna was helping me to try and get all the little pieces together! I'd purchased a leotard as a lining for my top and at the last minute I decided it needed to be a little more trimmed, so I hiked up my skirt and Shauna cut it for me! Last minute changed indeed. :)

I'm a little sad that Brandon's "first look" wasn't able to be photographed, although honestly it would have been a pretty subtle moment. We met once we were both outfitted to the max in our wedding clothes and out the door we went to meet all of our family and friends!

The whole group!

Immediate family!

Full immediate family and families!

Our parents. :)

Duane and Shauna

Lisa, Rusty, Abigail, Logan, and Rachel

Lisa and Rusty

Jaime and Rob with Zachary, Scarlett, and Tyler

Jaime and Rob

Angie. :)

Dick and Theola!

With Kyle. :)

My parents!

Glen and Cindy



Pictures upon pictures upon pictures were taken! Two fun things happened while we were out there - first, a random duck was floating around in the fountain in front of the temple. It was a very odd sight. And second, we'd wondered what we were going to do about pictures that both my mom and brother Kyle needed to be in, and a photographer that was hanging out outside waiting for her bride and groom to come out jumped in and said she'd take some photos for us! And so she did and she was a fantastic help! I'll admit, the photos were not my favorite part of the day, but I know I'll be glad to have them.

After photos we grabbed our stuff and met up down at Le Nonne. We have so many people to thank for Le Nonne turning out the way it did. Stephanie and Pier to begin with, for letting us use Le Nonne and coming up with a delicious menu for us. Shauna and Duane for really tackling the details - both program and decorations. Jaime for coming up with a fun Wed-Lib idea for Logan. Lisa for really taking on the decorations and doing some wonderful things for us. Ashley for contributing last minute flowers! So many hands made it a wonderful dinner. Brandon and I alternated between eating, going around and talking with everyone, and listening to the various speeches in the program. My only regret is that the time was so full that we didn't really get enough time to talk with everyone! We made it around to most of the tables, but our time was scarce - for family and friends that had come so far to spend the day with us! But I suppose that's not so unusual a problem for wedding day folk.

Le Nonne!

Beautiful decor courtesy of Lisa and Shauna. Flowers by Ashley!

It was a cozy setting for the number of people we had.

But I think everyone had a good time. :) 
We chatted with people as they left, waited for some of the cleanup to be complete, and then headed back to the temple with my parents to take some more photos of us. Neither hair or makeup was as fresh, and we were both tired, but the pictures were still beautiful. Once we decided we'd gotten enough, we headed to Shauna and Duane's hotel room at the Marriott Springhill Suites and got changed out of our wedding clothes so we could send them with our parents. And then we did a round of final hugs and headed home to our place in Riverton.

We made one stop on the way home - as we were once again starving - and grabbed some food from In-N-Out which happens to be not too far from where we live.

It was a wonderful day - so beautiful. Everything was pretty much perfect, with my only wish being for more time to spend with all our loved ones there. More than anything, I felt filled with a calm excitement and anticipation on being married to Brandon, my best friend, and the man I look forward to continuing to have adventures with!

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