Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Huntsville: May 23rd

Saturday morning we got up early, had a quick breakfast, and then Brandon took me over to the nail salon where several of us (aunts, cousins, etc.) met up to get our nails done. I had my fingernails redone and while I was chatting with the nail technician, she mentioned that her son had just graduated from the same school as my sister - not only that but he was also in the top twenty and Morgan knew him!

Much deserved pampering!

Following nails we headed back to the house to keep working on a few more things and then headed to my Aunt Brenda's home for a bridal shower she threw. Shauna, Tanya, and Angie arrived just in time for us to start a wonderful lunch (crazy good salad), and then play one game and open gifts. It was simple and lovely. You always sort of wonder in mixed age company, where not everyone knows each other, how gift items like lingerie will be received. I'm happy to say that it was never awkward and in fact quite funny when some of the slightly more scandalous items were revealed, though everything was fairly tame. Lovely little party with lots of good company.

Delicious lunch!

In the meantime, Brandon, Kyle, Zach, Chad, and Tracy had gone out to play disc golf. I don't know exactly where they were, but from the sound of it, Brandon was especially glad to have Zach there as they played at a similar skill level. ;) But they had a good time and came back only slightly red.

We were altogether again around 4:30, at which point those of us involved in the ceremony went outside and did a mock practice of the ceremony so we'd be a little more prepared for the next day. And then party time again! Most of the company from the night before (and more), came again for more socializing and chatting. Grant and Lauren arrived, I got to see Zach and Emily some more, other good friends from Batesville. Just a lot of fun to catch up a little more.

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