Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Huntsville: May 22rd

One of my favorite things about our time in Huntsville is that we had so much time to spend with everyone. So much time to chat with everyone - family and friends.

Sign on our hotel room door - made my my
Friday morning Brandon and I took out time getting ready and then headed over to the house where we immediately got to work on several projects that still needed to be done. Tying names tags onto animals, making cones for flowers, cutting out all the programs, gluing together all the programs, getting food ready for one of the parties - you name it. We spent most of our downtime at home doing those things. Brandon was immediately swooped up by my dad and taken outside to powerwash the patio. We'd desperately been needing to do some laundry so my Dad had grabbed a shirt for Brandon to borrow so I could wash all of his shirts. After they been outside awhile, I realized he was in the sun without any sunblock on (after we'd worked so hard for a week in Cancun to avoid coming back as lobsters), so I sent my Dad back outside with a floppy hat for Brandon to wear. This led to some funny confusion as both my grandparents and brother Kyle mistook Brandon for my Dad. Between the hat, shirt, and similar heights, Brandon did indeed look like my Dad. Kyle worked outside beside/around him for quite awhile without realizing that it was Brandon.

We kept busy most of the afternoon and then headed home to quickly change (fresh clean clothes!), drop off a few things, and head downtown to the Von Braun Center for Morgan's graduation. There were several graduations prior to Morgan's and some happening concurrently, so it took us a bit to track down the right room. I couldn't be more proud of my little sister! Not only did she graduate in the top 20 (front row!), but she has a fantastic appointment to the Air Force Academy is which is all kinds of exciting. She and her best friend James (both on the cyber patriot team that just won at Nationals) both have appointments there, so I'm sure they're looking forward to it. Traffic was a little nasty, but everyone arrived in good order and the program was good. The various speeches were quick, Morgan walked very early on, and then we just waited through the rest of the program (class of about 450 I think).

Before the ceremony.

Walking up to accept her diploma (or at least the folder to
hold it).

Following the graduation ceremony we all reconvened at home and had Morgan's graduation party. I'd already gotten some time with my family as we'd all worked on projects earlier in the day, but at the party I got the chance to start catching up with more friends and extended family who had arrived that day in Huntsville. Lots of fun to catch up!

Tired (as ever), we headed back late in the evening to our hotel and were asleep in a flash. Brandon is more of a night owl than I am, but even for these weeks, he was as tired as I was.

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