Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Honeymoon: Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

We arrived at FACB around 12:30 and were led up to the Grand Club up on the 11th floor. They did a private check-in for us and then sent us off to our room. Now, we'd already known that the FACB was much nicer than FACC (they're both nice resorts), and that our rooms would be a step up, but in addition to that the hotel had upgraded us and given us one of the Master Suites. We had an enormous balcony, an incredible view, huge rooms, and a large Jacuzzi with a shower and steam room. We were thoroughly impressed.

Beautiful view from our balcony!


We settled in for a little bit and then had to rush off to our spa appointment. As I've already mentioned, this is supposedly the largest spa in Latin America. We arrived, split up, and they took us in for our hydrotherapy treatment. First they had me go into the steam room for ten minutes. This was then followed by a very cold and quick shower. Third, the sauna. Then the mud room where I was instructed to take a small tub of of mud mask and put it everywhere below the neck not covered by swimsuit. After a quick rinse later, I then went into an ice rub room where I was instructed to rub ice from a small bowl of ice onto my skin. Then a cool dunk, hot tub, cold dunk, and walking across rocks in a little maze at warm and then cool temperatures. All of that in some order like that. From there they took me out to the larger pool where they had different water pressure fountains. Brandon joined me there and we wandered around to the different fountains for awhile. At approximately two hours they finally took us down for a couples massage. I don't remember much of the massage, as at this point I was relaxed enough to haphazardly fall asleep. Nice! A quick shower later, a snack in the Grand Club, and we were headed down to the beach. The water at the FACB was a little different from the other places we'd been. Most of the ocean front included rough fun waves, but the section of the beach at FACB was somewhat sheltered, so the water was calm and we could swim out to a floating dock. This was nice, but we ultimately decided that we preferred the fun of the big waves. We swam in the pool once the beach was closed and then wandered over to the grocery store nearby to do a little shopping (biodegradable sunscreen/bug spray - cookies). We came back just in time to grab a quick dinner at one of the restaurants, sit in the steam room, and go to bed. The lap of luxury - it's exhausting.

Cool ceiling at part of the spa.
Sunset on the beach!

Time for a little shopping!

Monday morning we woke up bright and early and were picked up to go on a tour to Coba. We'd originally planned on going to Chichen Itza, but then Brandon wanted to go somewhere I'd never been before, so we picked Coba. Our driver picked us up and we headed out to Coba! Our first stop was a place where we got to do a little canoeing, ziplining, and another Mayan blessing, and then got to repel into another cenote, swim for a bit, and then climb back out (rope ladder - long hard climb!), It was quick, but fun. We hiked back to the main building, had lunch, and then headed to the Coba ruins. Our van air conditioning had been working fine, but on the way to the ruins decided it didn't want to work anymore. But it was only about a twenty minute drive so we didn't have far to go. At Coba our guide took us around for a bit and then we rented bikes and went to the main tower to climb it. The bikes ended up being one of my favorite parts of the day, as they were fun to ride, allowed us some autonomy, and enabled us to see so much more of the park than we otherwise would have been able to see.

We  just canoed over to this little hut so we
could hike on to do a few ziplines.


This stand is where we repelled 80 feet down into a cenote. A
bunch of men hang out to help elevate those people who
don't want to climb the ladder out.

And it was a long climb!

Coral snake! Red and yellow kill a fellow!
(we didn't get too close)

Sunblock forever! (We actually couldn't put sunblock or
bug spray on until after the cenote, as the local communities
still draw their water from the cenotes - so we want to keep
them clean!)

Bike rentals at Coba!

Bikes are fun!

In front of (blocking) the main pyramid at Coba.

Beautiful view from the top!

Brandon is there - right in the middle!

Beautiful view.

So much to see - so little time!

We saw as much as we could see in the time we had (there was more!) and then raced back to meet the van. We might as well have taken our time, as we had more time to kill waiting for a new van to arrive (with working AC). We didn't wait too long before the new van was there though. We got moved over and set off for the long drive back to Cancun. Back at the resort we swam for awhile, grabbed some bites to eat up at the Grand Club, and went to bed - exhausted.

Tuesday morning we sadly packed everything up and prepared to head to Live Aqua. At noon we met our transfer again and headed over.

Fresh honey!

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