Thursday, June 4, 2015

Birthdays at Work

As I've been with my current job for more than two years, I've celebrated two birthdays here. Admittedly, by birthdays here have been pretty unremarkable. However, the extent to which the birthdays are celebrated varies quite a bit.

Today, in honor of one of my coworker's birthdays (which is actually in a few days, but he'll be out of town then, so we did it today), we arrived early and decorated his office with cute signs, and over a thousand tootsie rolls scattered everywhere.

Now, my coworkers know I can be sorted of sour-minded towards pranks (I've had annoy-i-trons placed in my office a number of times (tiny little flash drive or quarter sized devices that make period noises), the last time where they put it inside the light above my desk - I was annoyed, I admit it, though I did find it on my own), but I try not to spoil all their fun. I've just seen pranks go too far too many times and people get hurt, both physically and emotionally. Thus, my hesitance.

Today's birthday prank was fun. Essentially, in the vein of so many YouTube videos, a strip of clear packing tape was placed across my coworker's door at eye level. The idea was that he would be distracted by the tootsie rolls and everything else and not see the tape, and walk right into it. It's a little embarrassing, but pretty tame. And funny.

However, as we were all preparing for the birthday coworkers arrival, K went to go into the birthday office and bounced right into the piece of tape. Never mind that he knew to look for it. As the imprint from his forward made the tape more visible, we took it down and put a new one up. A few minutes later birthday coworker had pulled in to the parking lot and we all went over to K's office near the birthday office to watch. We paged R, the only one we were missing, and as he was coming over he made a quick detour to the birthday office just to see the last effects and, of course, ran right into the piece of tape - completely took it out. Never mind that he'd not only known to look for it, but it was his idea in the first place!

We no longer had time to put another piece of tape up, but the ridiculousness of these two both running into the tape was enough to make it worth it just as it was.

I look forward to doing something else with my time, but I'll missing working with this great group of people!

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