Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Mama('s Day)!

(posted a little late!)

As I've mentioned a few times recently, the timing of Mother's Day this year is particularly special to me, as it is the Sunday preceding Brandon and my marriage, our marriage (grammatical quandaries are circulating in my head on the correct phrasing for that last bit).

Since even before Brandon and I were engaged, my mother has helped to make all of what is about to be for our wedding days happen. Clothing, invitations, decorations, food, music, photography - you name it. An extraordinary amount of work, particularly as I'm all the way out here in Utah and can do little physical preparation for everything in Alabama. (Shout out to Shauna and Lisa as well who have helped SO much with everything for our Logan Dinner! You're amazing and I love you both!)

But to limit all that my mother has done to one major event in my life only (our wedding!) would be far too simplistic. She is an incredible woman. And I mean that in every positive facet of what the word incredible can mean. She amazes me. Her intellect, perspective, scope, optimism, creativity, and humor are awe inspiring to me. This is a woman that not only has the capacity to really think outside the box (I am not as good at doing this, though I've gleaned much from her!), but to do so in a way which creates wonder and beauty. Our minds function very differently, and having had her as my mother has helped me to expand my own perspectives, farther outside the box that I unconsciously draw for myself.

I love watching her adventures, love watching what she chooses to pursue. Growing up I think we often limit our parents to somewhat one dimensional people. One of the best things about now being an adult daughter to my parents is that I am more fully able to see them as varied multi-faceted individuals. Yes, you see more of everything, but I think the net balance swings widely in a much more colorful spectrum rather than the blacks and whites of before.

I love my mom. She brings so much to my life. If I can give her back even an inkling of the love I've felt from her, I'll be doing well.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Amen! Well said! I couldn't agree more! Your mother is an amazing person and I am infinitely lucky to have her in my life!