Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spartan in a month!

So, as of yesterday, the Spartan is a month out. Am I ready? I am not. At all. Fortunately, it is a Super Spartan (10Kish distance) rather than what we did last year (Spartan Beast - half marathon distance). Still, I need to be training. So, here I am making some goals!

Starting today, May 28th, 2015, until the morning of the Spartan (June 27th, 2015), I need to do at least 30 burpees every day. In addition to that, I need to try and rock climb or run on most days. I think this is an entirely manageable goal - but I might need to reminders to get myself to stick with it! Plus, on the days Brandon has soccer at one of the nearer locations, I could maybe even run to meet him there! Some tentative schedule ideas:

May 28th (Thursday): 30 Burpees, Quick Run?
May 29th (Friday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climbing (with Brandon?)
May 30th (Saturday): 30 Burpees, Run? Rock Climb? (Grant's Bachelor Party!)
May 31st (Sunday): 30 Burpees, Walk (Mom and Dad's Anniversary!)
June 1st (Monday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 2nd (Tuesday): 30 Burpees, Run?
June 3rd (Wednesday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 4th (Thursday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climb?
June 5th (Friday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climbing with Brandon
June 6th (Saturday): 30 Burpees (Grant and Lauren get married!)
June 7th (Sunday): 30 Burpees, Walk
June 8th (Monday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 9th (Tuesday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climb?
June 10th (Wednesday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 11th (Thursday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climb?
June 12th (Friday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climbing (with Brandon?)
June 13th (Saturday): 30 Burpees (Housewarming/Open House!)
June 14th (Sunday): 30 Burpees, Walk
June 15th (Monday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 16th (Tuesday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climb?
June 17th (Wednesday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 18th (Thursday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climb?
June 19th (Friday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climbing with Brandon
June 20th (Saturday): 30 Burpees, Run? Rock Climb?
June 21st (Sunday): 30 Burpees, Walk
June 22nd (Monday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 23rd (Tuesday): 30 Burpees (Coworker's Reception!)
June 24th (Wednesday): 30 Burpees, Run (Brandon Soccer)
June 25th (Thursday): 30 Burpees, Rock Climbing?
June 26th (Friday): 30 Burpees, Quick Run?
June 27th (Saturday): SUPER SPARTAN!

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