Thursday, May 7, 2015

Less Than A Week!

It's incredible how quickly the time is passing! And yet here we are, only a handful of days away from our wedding!

It's Thursday morning, so we're looking at approximately six twenty-four hour period left. Six days. Whoa. Good thing we're mostly ready at this point!

There's still a short list of items that need to be done (mostly for Alabama), but none of them are big things. Honestly, the weight of most of what still needs to be done (and honestly - most of what has already been done) has fallen on my mom. Which makes this Sunday particularly appropriate and poignant to me. I have so much to be grateful for.

In the midst of wedding planning I have also successfully moved all of my belongings to our new home in Riverton. I wouldn't say that I've fully moved in yet (that can't really happen until Brandon is fully there as well), but there's progress. :) We still need to decide where to put furniture (particularly the book cases so I can unpack my books!) and what furniture we'll need to purchase (I think we'll need a another couch or two). But even so, there is progress.

Job hunting awaits our return from all of this!

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