Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter? Already?

Winter is doing it's best to be here early.

This morning as I walked outside to my car at 6:30, very light snow was falling. It was collecting a bit on the roads, but otherwise not sticking. More the sandy kind of snow that blows in patterns across the freeway. Very pretty, but perhaps too soon?

It can be chilly here in Utah in the winter, but with little to no humidity, I don't normally notice too much. However, perhaps due to the fact that we had temperatures closer to 60 degrees as recently as Tuesday, the last two days (today and yesterday) have felt very cold. Additionally, the wind was incredibly strong on Wednesday. I think most of the leaves that were left on the trees were persuaded to find a new home.

I don't usually mind cold weather, as long as I can indulge in space heaters, hot herbal tea, hot chocolate, copious amounts of layered clothing, soup, and corn bags, but it still feels a little too soon for this. We're not even half way through November! We still have all of December, January, March, and April to deal with cold snowy weather. :/

Ah, well, here it is, all the same.

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