Wednesday, November 12, 2014


So, yesterday was wonderful.

I woke up early and read for a little while before getting ready for work. On my way to work (I'd left just a few minutes later than I should have so I was late getting to work), I was about two minutes from work when one of my coworkers called and wanted to check on traffic. Noting that this was an unusual call to receive, I was not entirely surprised when I arrived and everyone was gathered in my office to sing Happy Birthday to me and share delicious donuts. And to top that off, Jody brought me some beautiful gerbera daisies (potted!).

Beautiful Gerbera Daisies!
Work was pretty normal, but instead of leaving at 5:00, I left at 3:00 so I got to leave while the sun was still shining! Once home I chatted with my roommate for about an hour before running over to meet Brandon at his house. I'd been up in the kitchen the entire time, but just before I left I went downstairs to drop off my backpack and my door was closed. Thinking this was a little weird, but perhaps there had been someone there working on heater (they often close my door when they come over), I didn't think much of it. Until I opened my door and found my room filled with balloons. :) On my bed was a pack of Hi-Chews and a beautiful card from Brandon.

Incredible card artwork. 

Apparently, after Brandon had dropped me off the night before, he'd gone to the grocery store and picked up some balloons. He and Nate and blown up about half of them at his house (70-ish balloons) and then brought them all over at lunch yesterday to finish blowing up the second half. AnnMarie had heard them downstairs and came down and helped them. 140 balloons later, and my room was swimming in balloons. :)

Balloons - everywhere! 

After meeting up, Brandon and I headed North to Logan. We stopped by Gossner's (eggnog!), ran another few errands, and then had dinner at Le Nonne (delicious - though Pier wasn't there, so not quite as delicious!). While there, there was a table of about six people who'd been sitting by the window. After we'd been sitting at our table for a little while, they asked the servers if they could move to the table next to us to get away from the draft by the window. As they were walking over, Brandon whispered to me that one of the women in the group looked very familiar. A little later, we happened to exchange some conversation and the woman declared that it was her 50th birthday! Excited, I told her that it was my 26th birthday today as well! Half way there! She then remarked to Brandon that he looked very familiar to her, but she couldn't figure out where she knew him from. He asked her if she'd worked up at the University and then everything clicked. Turns out that Brandon worked with her a lot up at the University Library. Flora. She'd been a much beloved staff member of the students. Always happy and cheerful to work with. And from our brief interactions that night, I can definitely understand why they all loved her. Definitely one of the best parts of our night. :)

And then we drove back home, hung out for a little while at Brandon's, and then I headed home for the night. A good day!

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