Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Afternoon in Logan

This past weekend we made another trip up to Logan. It's a bit of a drive (a little less than 90 minutes - less when Brandon is driving ;) ), but we like it up there.

Among our errands we did the following things:

-Stopped at Gossner's in Logan and got flavored milk, Swiss cheese, and egg nog. Brandon had had the milk before, we sampled the cheese and knew it was good, but the kicker was the egg nog. We opened one of the containers yesterday (sealed so they don't need to be refrigerated until opened) and it was delicious! Brandon's comment, "Should we just skip Halloween and go straight to Christmas?" So, next time we're up there, more of that for us. We'll just stock up. It's good until April 2015.

-Stopped at Aggie Ice Cream and got Aggie Blue Mint ice cream. Brandon couldn't remember whether he liked it. He does. So do I. It's delicious.

-Picked up some Guarana Antarctica from Macey's (they probably have this in SLC, but I don't know where).

-Had breakfast for lunch at Angie's in Logan. Good memories for Brandon from his time at USU. Basically a more local equivalent of IHOP.

-Met up with my Aunt Kimberly (and her mom) at Angie's and caught up a little. She was in town this weekend visiting my cousin Ashleigh who goes to USU.

-Was spotted by Charity while she was out jogging (Charity it the wife of Ben. Ben is the oldest Call son, a fantastic family who we met when we moved to Batesville and have been good friends with since). I love the random "Someone thought they saw you - were you here yesterday?" kind of messages.

-Went to a Halloween costume shop and brain stormed ideas for a simple costume for our West Coast Halloween party.

Not a bad afternoon!

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