Monday, October 6, 2014

A Rather Exciting Weekend

Happy Monday!

This weekend was particularly exciting for me as, (after I'd finished mowing the lawn and washing my sheets) as I was vacuuming my room on Friday evening, I slightly shifted my bed and noticed some black and white spots on the rug beneath it. Mold! Gross, gross, gross! I moved my bed to discover that there was quite a bit of it. Ugh.

After freaking out a bit (what caused the mold, what needed to be done about it, where was I going to stay, how long would it take to fix the problem, how big of a problem was it?!), I texted my landlord and he said he'd stop by first thing on Saturday morning and take a look at it. To counteract the smell of mold I'd sprayed the rug with cleaner and the combining effect was an awful stench (thank goodness for my running mask/air filter!). I tidied my room up, packed a change of clothes and a few things, and headed over to Brandon's house. Thank goodness Brandon only lives a few blocks away and has a spare bedroom.

Saturday morning my landlord came over, looked at the rug/carpet, at the walls, and guessed that the most likely source of the problems was either a.) runoff from the sprinklers or b.) the large quantity of rain we'd had in the past several weeks. Either way, the carpets needed to either be treated or completely replaced. Additionally, gutters needed to be added to the house (why we don't already have gutters, I don't know) to try and the sprinklers could be turned off for the winter. To be clear, he guessed that the ground water was somehow accumulating from those sources and seeping down through the wall, making the carpet damp, and causing the mold.

So, he helped me roll up the rug and took that to dispose of it, taking the worst of the mold, and then turned off the sprinklers and helped me move a few of the large items that were ready to be moved at that moment. And he later texted me and let me know that they were for sure just planning on replacing the carpet.

Sunday evening (yesterday), I went back and packed all of my stuff out of my room (for the record, I have a ton of books) into the laundry space just outside my room. Brandon helped me move the bigger furniture items. It felt pretty identical to moving, but with none of the purpose that goes behind moving.

So, today they should be coming and ripping out my old carpet. They'll then let it air out and dry for a few days (my fan will be pulling double duty!) and then put down the new carpet. And we should have gutters soon.

It's a pain. A significant pain. But I think everything will be taken care of.

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  1. I am so grossed out by this. *shudder* It sounds like you have a responsive landlord and that's AWESOME. Let us know how it turns out.