Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SteamFest 2014!

So, last year I had a group of friends who went to this thing called "Salt City Steamfest." I'd heard a little bit about it leading up to it and they'd asked if I'd wanted to come along. However, I had other things going on at the time and wasn't completely sure what the Steamfest would be like. So I decided not to. However, after I saw the follow up pictures, I was determined to go the next round. So for the last several weeks I've been slowly collecting random items for my costume. However, it wasn't until this past week, the week following the week of craziness and the week leading up to the Steamfest, that I realized I still didn't have the costume components of what I was going to wear. I had some of the accessories, but nothing to go with it.

Engage Costume Construction! 

Monday (just over a week ago) I looked up one of the jacket patterns I'd been considering and went and bought it along with the fabric I would use to make it. That night I spent a little bit of time starting to cut out the pieces I'd need. Tuesday morning and then evening I finished cutting out all the pieces I'd need (outside, inside, and interfacing). I took it all over to Brandon's a little later that evening and I began. What followed (and come to think of it, actually started Monday night), were several nights of going to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, but by Thursday night it was mostly done! As I'd been working over at Brandon's, I'd not had my dress form ready and handy to work with, so the last thing I did that night was sew two improved seams in the back to make the jacket fit. And fit it (mostly) did! 

From the front.


From the back.

Additionally, I acquired some black textured jeans (Forever21) and shirt and vest (DI). I was originally planning on using my black leather boots but last second I decided on the brown boots as they were better contrast to the black jeans. I'd whipped together a side sheath to use for my Halberd end. And with that I also had a stethoscope, tiny live succulents in little terrariums, glasses, goggles, a hair pin (both the goggles and hair pin were purchased at the SteamFest), and an ammo box that served as a purse for the weekend. 

Underneath the jacket (getting my nerf on!). 

Random in costume picture...

So that was all just preparing for the SteamFest. The event itself was all of Friday and Saturday. I arrived the first morning and checked in with Registration to get my badge. The event started a little slow as everyone finished up the final planning for everything. And then it started! It's a little tricky to describe exactly what we were doing. Essentially, everyone who had signed up for the Adventurer's Pass had signed up to live action role play (LARP) as much as they wanted for those two days. The game creators had spent a year writing plot lines and preparing for these two days. Imagine one of those murder mystery dinners, times a thousand. You've got more than a hundred characters and a number of complex plots spread across an entire hotel. Much of our time was spent looking for items and gathering information. And there were definitely moments of confusion and uncertainty on what we were supposed to be doing. But all in all, it was fantastic. Intrigue and betrayal were common. I spent a lot of time gathering information from the vendors (who mostly didn't know what was going on) and walking around looking for people and items. I have rarely been so exhausted by 9:00 in the evening, but tired we all were. And somewhat underfed, as no one wanted to leave and risk missing anything good!

Off on a quest!
Discussing what we want to do. 

On top of everything, Brandon and I went rock climbing Friday night and then to a cousins family reunion up City Creek Canyon mid day on Saturday. We weren't able to stay for a long time, but it was really fun to meet a bunch of his extended family that we don't get a chance to see very often.

This was my first LARPing experience and rather different from most LARPing, but I really loved it. And I may be working with the company that put it on to help them set up a little bit out here in the West (as they're all located in New England). Should be fun!

Also, for the record, I have no idea what's going up with the random hyperlinks in my posts....I'm definitely not putting them there....

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