Monday, August 25, 2014

King's Peak: Rescheduled

No King's Peak this past weekend! Weather was cold and rainy down in the valley and a little snowy up in the mountains. Too cold for us. This weekend is looking much better (clear and temperatures in the 40s on the peak), so as long as it stays that way, we should be heading out!

The route is about 23-32 miles, depending on which route we take. King's Peak has an elevation of 13,538 ft - it's up there! I've printed off all my maps and info for getting there and I'll admit that I'm pretty pumped! I was very sad we didn't get to go this past weekend, but we did get to go to REI for their Labor Day sale and the Sniagrab pre-sale (crazy good deals!), as well as spend some time with Shauna and Brandon's grandparents (Mom and Pop) who were up for a wedding. So it was a good weekend. No complaints there.

It's been fun to finally acquire some of the necessary items for a trip like this. We found a backpacking pack at Costco on Saturday - a good pack that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Sleeping pad at Walmart - again, not an arm and a leg. And a small stove from Emergency Essentials. REI would have had all of those things, but they were way less expensive elsewhere. Not that we didn't get a few things from REI too (new Gerber knife for me!). Nothing crazy expensive at any point, but important things to have for backpacking.

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