Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colorado for Grandpa

About 18 hours after returning to Salt Lake City, I jumped on another flight, this one bound for Colorado Springs via Denver for my Grandpa Loos' funeral. I skipped my connecting flight to Colorado Springs and instead sat outside the gate Carina was coming in on where we met up and went down to meet my parents who had driven up from Colorado Springs. We drove downtown and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and wandered a bit before checking in at our hotel in Denver. Most of the rest of the evening was spent driving too and from the airport picking up Michael, and then Kyle and Morgan (who'd been hours?).

Wednesday morning we got up, got our things together, had breakfast and for the first time in more than ten years, just the seven of us, drove down to Colorado Springs. We checked into our hotel there, changed clothing, grabbed lunch at a food truck roundup (so good!), and then headed to help set up for my Grandpa's services.

All together!

Shades of things past...

Food truck Roundup for Lunch!

Food truck Roundup for Lunch!

Food truck Roundup for Lunch!

It was a wonderful service that came in two parts. First, a recognition/remembrance ceremony by the fire department (Grandpa was on the fire department for twenty six years), second a religious service in the main chapel. People spoke, a number of the grandkids sang, and "Gone Too Soon" by Michael Jackson was played. Really nice. That was followed up with a mingle where everyone chatted for awhile. After cleaning up we headed out for a quick walk in The Garden of the Gods and then headed to dinner with all the family. After dinner a number of people shared stories about Grandpa for about an hour. It was probably my favorite part of the day.

Grandpa Loos - a little earlier!

The Wagners! (stand up straight, Geneva!)

Pretty much the cutest photo of my parents,
even though it is very soft. 

Taking a walk in The Garden of The Gods!

Wagner Women in the Garden of
the Gods.

Back to our hotel and then up again in the early morning on Thursday to catch my flight back to Salt Lake.

To finish out the rather odd week (Cabo, Colorado), Brandon and I went up Immigration Canyon to Ruth's Diner Thursday night and then by This Is The Place Monument for Pioneer Day. Friday we got off work early to go with our friend Roman (and his friend Jared) to Lagoon with his work (lots of fun!). And then to round it out, Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market in the morning and came home with some corn and cherries. Yum! And then Sunday I (finally) completed my nightmare tutoring hours (nightmare only because there were too many to fit into such a small time, not because I didn't enjoy the actual tutoring).

And done! A crazy week!

And, as usual, there are a few more photos on faceboook!

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