Monday, August 18, 2014

Activities Lately: Monster Trucks and Snakes

Good morning!

A few of the past several weekends have included some fun stuff!

Jacquelyn and Seth invited us to go to a Monster Truck Rally about two weeks ago. Definitely a change of scene for us! And SO loud. It was pretty cool to see the monster trucks as well as the various racing cars/trucks. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, though I probably won't become a regular at the Rocky Mountain Raceway. I think the next thing I'd like to do in that line of entertainment would be to go to a demolition derby - an event which I've heard only good things about.

Monster truck race!

With Jacquelyn and Seth. :)

This past weekend we switched things up and I headed with a coworker to a "Girl's Night Out" event at The Gateway put on by B98.3 (again invited by Seth and Jacquelyn). Now, the focus of this event was on several musicians and the stereotypical interests of women (makeup, manicures, and hair). I like all of those things, but I'm not passionate about any of them. However, aside from the good food and drinks, they also had a booth for FantasyCon there and they had snakes you could hold! Awesome. :)

I'm holding two snakes in this picture...
I loved this little guy! He was so inquisitive.
You can see that his tail is wrapped around
my purse as he wandered around and up.

We also spontaneously went to the Bombay House this weekend. Brandon doesn't particularly care for most curries, so I'd always operated under the assumption that Indian cuisine wasn't his favorite. However, he does like Indian food as long as it's not a curry and we both very much enjoyed the Bombay House. It's super close to where we live, so we'll have to go there a little more often. I think this was the first time I'd had Indian food since we'd started dating (almost three years!). Crazy!

Last minute plans for this weekend may include hiking King's Peak! We still have to arrange a few things and double check schedules, but we might be heading that way this Friday!

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