Thursday, July 17, 2014

Carl Eugene Loos

The past week or so my mom has been in Colorado with her siblings while my grandfather has been in the hospital. He went in for issues with his heart (which were resolved nicely after a double bypass surgery), but after a week of complications with other organs, he finally passed away yesterday. It was a rough week. Not so much on my end, as I've just been super busy, but frustrating that everything was happening just a state away and I couldn't leave the commitments I'd made here to be more helpful there.

While we've never lived near my grandparents in Colorado, and never been able to spend large amounts of time with them, I'm sad to see him go. He was one of those people who has a subtle but very strong personality. A dry humor you might not catch if you're not paying attention. An incessant need to keep doing something, whether it's reading a newspaper or tinkering in the garage. I love him and I'll miss him.

Back in 2009. We all look a little different now!

One of my fondest memories of him is from when we were traveling the country and had to leave our two cats with them for a year - Abby and Mimpy. For whatever reason, my grandpa had decided that a better name Mimpy was Persnickety, so whenever he referenced her that was always what he called her. I think it confused me (as a nine-year-old) for a little while because I didn't know who he was talking about, but then I made sense of it and loved it. Persnickety - such a funny name, but particularly suitable for Mimpy as she was very cautious in her approach to most things.


Another fond memory I have is when, following our trip, during which I'd collected over a hundred spoons from all over the country, he would constantly try and bargain with me to sell the spoons to him. We wouldn't see him for over a year, and then when we did, or when we talked on the phone, he would always ask me if I was ready to sell them to him. I think I was initially confused about that too (had to slowly pick up on the dry humor as a child), but once I understood he was joking, I enjoyed the constant reminder.

We'll miss him.


  1. So sorry for your loss. I'm glad you have sweet memories of him.