Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Mini Woodmansee Reunion

Just after the fourth of July we went down to St. George and met up with all of Brandon's siblings and immediate family (and grandparents!). First time in several years they've all been in the same place! We had a good time, hanging out and catching up and eating delicious food. :)

Angie, Rob, and Shauna

Tyler and Jaime

Abigail, Scarlett, Duane, and Rachel

Shauna, Brandon, and Lisa

Dick (Pop), Theola (Mom), Rachel, and Tyler


Brandon and me. :)


  1. FYI, it's Theola. But I'm sure you may have heard it only once or twice. Brave attempt, though.

  2. Thank you, thank you, Shauna! I could swear someone told me that Kitty was her nickname, but I must have remembered that from somewhere else! I have zero memory of her real name - though I must have been told it at least one time!