Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where We Are

I don't love living in Utah. I like the Salt Lake area waaaay more than the Provo area, but I still miss thick green vegetation and more moisture in the air (although that sun to shade temperature difference is pretty incredible).

However, this morning was one of those rare mornings where everything outside was pretty perfect. We had rain last night, so this morning I left my house to thick clouds obscuring the mountains on the East side entirely. The air was crisp and cool without being cold. Everything was green and fresh from the rain. Pretty perfect.

Of all the places I could live in Salt Lake City, I really love the Sugarhouse area. It's just high enough above the city to have slightly clearer air, slightly more vegetation, and slightly more precipitation (which means it dumps snow up here in the Winter, but I can handle that). The mountains are right there. The city is right there. But you don't feel like you're living downtown. It still feels like a neighborhood. You just happen to have quick access to everything.

I may not love everything about Utah, but today is one of those days where I'm pretty happy being here.

(Also! I don't just have one mulberry tree in my yard - I have three!)

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