Saturday, June 7, 2014

Frustrations Associated with Entitlement and Stuff

Hooray, Friday! It's always such a relief from the weekend. It hasn't been a particularly rough week or anything, but I'm particularly happy that we're at the weekend.

We went rock climbing and then out to eat with a friend tonight. I grabbed a jacket as we were heading out the door because it is frequently cool in the evenings. I left it in the car because I knew I wouldn't need it in the gym. When we came back to the car after the gym and put our shoes in the back of the car, I didn't look carefully to see if it was there. Dinner was just a few blocks west of the gym. However, when we got back to Brandon's house I went to grab it and my shoes to take them into the house and it was no where to be found. Gone. So weird. It was either taken while we were at the gym (most likely) or at dinner. The car was locked, but there was no forced entry. They didn't take the frisbee, Brandon's electric razor in the compartment between the seats, or the change in the dish up front. Just the non-descript black jacket on the seat that happens to have been about $150. So frustrating. And as weird as Brandon's ski boots being stolen (which weren't even in sight, but in the trunk of his car). It's like someone sees that car and knows exactly how to get it in but just grabbed the first thing in sight for fear of being caught. For real, what is with people feel entitled to just take things from other people?

Not entirely related, but also somewhat frustrating, I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't let people borrow things and I probably shouldn't keep anything that belongs to me in the public area. Waaaaay back in September I let one of my roommates borrow my jumper cables because her car was dead and she didn't have any. I was still in the process of moving in, so I didn't bother her about giving them back. And then it wasn't pressing that I have them. Until this past Thursday when someone asked me if I had some they could use. I know, this many months later to ask for it in return is partly on me, but when I did text her on Thursday, she had no recollection of ever borrowing them. So, that's another thing I'll have to pick up some time.

It's just frustrating because I'm the kind of person that likes to be able to share what I have, particularly when it will really help someone else. But these kind of experiences make me not want to be as sharing, or sharing at all. They make me not want to have roommates that assist in the mysterious disappearance of a host of items (not my current roommates specifically, but in general). And I hate that. I don't want my giving personality to be tainted by these experiences. But at least for now, I'm going to be actively trying to make some more changes, to more carefully categorize what I have and put things away that don't need to be in the public space. I don't care about a lot of these missing items. They're all just stuff. But I don't have an endless supply of money to be replacing the things like this, so I'm going to need to do something differently.

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