Monday, June 2, 2014

Early Summer Updates

Sorry it has been a little quite on here lately!

Things have been pretty relaxed around here lately without much to report. But...let me fill you in on a few of the details.

-A few weekends ago (Memorial Day weekend) Brandon and I went to the Ogden Renaissance Festival and then to another Real game. Brandon had never been to a Renaissance Festival before so I was a little apprehensive of what he would think, but he loved it. I tend to set the Renaissance Festival just north of Cincinnati as the bar of excellent festivals because of their permanent buildings and such but I was actually a big fan of the tents-in-the-forest atmosphere of the Ogden Festival. It made it feel more authentic. We wandered through shops, watched the performers, watched the jousting competition, got a little henna tattoo (just me), and had the most delicious treat, known as a Tornado Potato - essentially one spiral cut potato stretched out on a long skewer and fried. So good!

-This past weekend we made a fire in the outdoor fireplace and watched a movie with some Costa Vida and gourmet cupcakes. It always tends to rain a little on the nights we want to do a fire, but by the time we actually lit the fire, everything was clear and dry.

-I've been tackling the yard to keep it from becoming a jungle (which it tends to do rather quickly). I finally planted some vegetables and herbs. It's in a pretty shady part of the yard, so we'll see if anything grows. My indoor herbs and growing happily though their pots are starting to look too small for them. We have one rose bush in the backyard that I shopped down to near oblivion several months ago and has now fully come back. But the roses! They smell absolutely fantastic. Sometimes I forget how wonderful regular roses smell, as opposed to the beautiful ones that you usually buy at the store that have almost no scent whatsoever.

-We have the Spartan in less than a month now! Neither Brandon or I are really ready for it...but we're getting a little more in gear as we get closer. I've been following a burpee calendar to try and increase my burpee endurance as burpees will be the primary alternative to any obstacles we can't do on the Spartan. Let's just say that I hate burpees.

Super exciting stuff, right?

I have a few new favorite songs from this week. Here's one of them!

(Sweet Talker - Burn It Up All Night)

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