Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alabama Pictures

Ok. I finally got all the photos figured out/edited. The tough thing is that there are over 160 photos total, so I had to choose a selection to post here on my blog. The rest can be found on facebook!

Dad and Brandon preparing sandwiches for the horde. 

Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the outside air!

Sylvia! Food and drink for all!

Kubbs/Viking Chess - Kyle and Rachel!

Kubbs/Viking Chess - Kyle, Rachel, and Carina!

Grandma, Carina, and Vivian the Watermelon!


Party for Lauren and Grandpa's birthday - Casey, Lierin, Lauren, and Memorie!

Morgan and Grandpa!

The Wagner Women! 

Three of the Four boys! Tracy, Glen, Grandma, Grandpa, and Todd -
Just missing Gary!

Party for Lauren and Grandpa!

Birthday cake!

Time to eat some cake!

Memorie and Kyle!

Brandon and me!

Grandma getting a henna tattoo from Carina!

Me giving Michael a henna tattoo!

Party for Grandma and Lauren!

Mom, Dad and Felix!

Cards and Gifts!

Brandon and me!

Henna eyes on my hands!

Lake Wilson!

Pontoon Boat!

Playing in the water!

Brandon paddle boarding!

Me paddle boarding!

Chad skiing past! (Although he let go right after this.)

Carina, Vivian, and Mom enjoying the water!

Brandon, Kyle, and Dad preparing Brunch! 

Dad and Grandma working on Brunch!

Mom and Morgan working on Brunch! Goetta!

Our turn on the goetta!

Delicious brunch!

Time to eat!

Grandma and a few of his granddaughters!

Pretty much the most amazing expression from Ariana. 

I'm not even sure what they were doing but they were having fun!

More henna!

Hanging out!

Time to head home!

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