Friday, June 13, 2014

A Most Wonderful Discovery

Somewhat in preparation for an impromptu belated surprise moving party for Britney (who moved out about a month ago from our little house), I took it upon myself to attempt to remove the red Christmas lights that had been on the branches of the tree in the front yard for over a year. As I climbed into the tree, I noticed these funny light green berries in the crevice of the branch (right where I was putting my hands and feet). As I looked more closely at them I realized that they looked exactly like mulberries! I'm 90% positive they are.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like mulberries? Back at BYU I worked grounds crew for about a year and a half and randomly discovered a mulberry tree in the area of campus that we kept tidy. I actually thought they were blackberries at first, though I thought it was rather odd how sweet they were and that they grew on a tree rather than the bushes I was used to.  But I disregarded those oddities and picked a large bowl of them and made a pie. :) Around the time I made the pie I googled blackberries growing on trees and realized that I hadn't in fact made a blackberry pie, as I'd assumed, but rather a mulberry pie. And thus my obsession with mulberries began. You can imagine how sad I was when they tore the tree down and built something in its place a few years later. But now I have one of my very own in my front yard! I'm excited to see if they're any good once they're ripe. :)

I may have awkwardly jumped out of the tree and bruised my knee and failed to remove the last line of red lights, but it's a work in progress.

Spartan in about two weeks! 

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