Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy May!

So....the past two weeks have been crazy at work. We've got at least six groups that are going on trips in May and at least three of those groups have 200 people or more. So, all of their documents had to be out in the mail by the end of this week. And, with the exception of a handful of super late additions on one group, they all are! And, partly from several missed lunches over the past week, I'm taking off a little early today. I'm quite happy about this. :)

I think between the stress of getting all of that done and a decrease in exercise, I also haven't been sleeping super well lately. Granted, I probably haven't been getting to bed as early as I could, but regardless, waking up in the mornings and jumping out of bed has just been more difficult than usual. I'll try and make a conscious effort to get more sleep this weekend. There's just always too much to do! Life is amazing!

My world traveling parents are off on another adventure as of yesterday! This time they're headed to the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy and then to Malta. Fun, fun! I'm excited to see pictures while they're there and when they get back.

Our traveling adventures have been pretty minimal lately, but we've got plans to head down and see Lisa in California this month and then a weekend family reunion in Alabama in June. While these don't sound super exciting, I am actually pretty excited about both. Family is important.

Other than that, we're open to ideas and suggestions for trips and adventures to take more locally. I think we're both itching to go camping (and slightly sad about canceling our Havasupai trip even when it makes sense to wait). I'd love to go and climb a new mountain. Angel's Landing is on our list for when we're next down in St. George! But send any other suggestions you have our way! We easily fall into the rut of hanging out at home over the weekends. It's easy and requires no energy to plan. But we'd like to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather that has finally (for the most part) arrived.

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